In Focus: Shell Technology Centre Bangalore

Researcher using new facilities at the Shell Technology Centre Bangalore. (photo)

Researcher using new facilities at the Shell Technology Centre Bangalore.

Shell Technology Centre Bangalore (STCB) is one of the three “hubs” around which P&T’s global network is built. It also carries out advanced technical studies and supports P&T’s projects and technical services around the world. 

The centre brings together R&D staff who previously worked at separate locations in Bangalore and also provides additional space for high-tech innovation and demonstration facilities. By housing all R&D staff in Bangalore in one centre, the STCB will create new opportunities for multidisciplinary collaboration, and drive relevant and affordable innovations.

STCB is particularly well-positioned to develop, deploy and deepen the technical know-how of Shell businesses throughout the world at a competitive price.

STCB will concentrate on:

  • computational science and data analysis, including the modelling of the flow of oil through underground rock layers but also the chemical reactions in internal-combustion engines;
  • the engineering of refineries, chemical-processing facilities and gas-liquefaction plants; and
  • the catalysts for use across all of Shell's chemical processing, whether in a gas plant, an oil refinery or a biofuel manufacturing facility.

Specialists at STCB work closely with experts from industrial partners, universities and research institutes. These collaborations help to ensure a healthy influx of new ideas and speed up the deployment of new technology in Shell’s operations. Examples include chemistry and catalysis research with the Indian Institutes of Technology at Kanpur and Madras, as well as the development of advanced computing techniques with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

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