Safety and environment

Safety is central to the responsible delivery of energy. We develop and operate our facilities with the aim of preventing any incidents that may harm our employees, contract staff or nearby communities, or cause damage to our assets or adversely impact the environment. We manage safety risks across our businesses through clear standards, controls and compliance systems combined with a safety-focused culture.

Our global standards and operating procedures define the controls and physical barriers we require to prevent incidents. For example, our offshore wells are designed with at least two independent barriers to mitigate the risk of an uncontrolled release of hydrocarbons. We regularly inspect, test and maintain these barriers to ensure they meet our standards. We also routinely prepare and practise our emergency response to potential incidents such as an oil spill or a fire.

We use structured processes to manage our asset integrity and prevent spills, leaks and any other technical failures or breakdowns. In the event of a loss of containment, such as a spill or a leak, we employ independent recovery measures to prevent the release from becoming catastrophic.

We continue to strengthen the safety culture and safety leadership among our employees and contract staff, with the focus on caring for people. Our safety goal is to achieve no harm and no leaks across all of our operations. We refer to this as our Goal Zero ambition. We expect everyone working for us to intervene and stop work that may appear to be unsafe.