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Collaborations and stakeholder engagement

Shell continues to value and recognise the importance of engagement and co-operation with its stakeholders.

We work with governments, non-governmental organisations (NGOs), coalitions, industry bodies, academic institutions, national oil and gas companies and other businesses. We do this in compliance with antitrust rules and regulations. These collaborations include individual conversations, working together on a project or areas of advocacy, or sponsoring a particular group or event. These efforts help us to learn, share best practice, achieve specific objectives, set future goals and build trust with our stakeholders.

The Chair, certain Board committees and Non-executive Directors traditionally visit a number of Shell operations and overseas offices. The visits are designed to provide Directors with first-hand insights into portfolio positions and opportunities to engage directly with stakeholders including employees, partners, communities and NGOs.

Our broader businesses regularly engage with stakeholders throughout the year and in the build-up to or during many Shell projects or activities.

Read more about our efforts to understand and engage with our stakeholders in our 2022 Annual Report.

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