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A just transition

Shell supports the Paris Agreement on climate change, which recognises the importance of a just transition. A just transition means a fairer distribution of the costs and benefits of the world’s transition to a net-zero emissions energy system.

Our ambition is to contribute to a just transition by making a positive impact on our workforce, the communities where we operate and our customers. This is part of our strategic goal of powering lives. In 2022, Shell UK pledged £100 million to help communities in the UK develop skills and find jobs linked to the energy transition. This includes establishing educational skill centres with the aim of helping 15,000 people find employment by 2030.

We continue to help our own staff learn new skills needed for the energy transition. In 2022, around 4,000 Shell employees – up from 1,700 in 2021 – completed courses on a range of subjects, including hydrogen production, carbon capture and storage, and greenhouse gas and energy management.

We continue to work with governments and partners, such as Energy for a Just Transition, facilitated by Business for Social Responsibility, and Ipieca’s Just Transition Task Force.

We also remain committed to respecting human rights, as set out in the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the International Labour Organization's Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work (see Our approach to human rights).

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