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Sectoral decarbonisation

Powering progress

Working with our customers and across sectors to accelerate the transition to net-zero emissions.

Helping to transform energy demand is the focus of our approach to decarbonisation. To help transform demand, we are working with customers sector-by-sector across the energy system. We will change the mix of energy products we sell to our customers as their needs for energy change. This is reflected in Shell’s strategy to develop a portfolio that seeks to:

  • provide more electricity to customers, while also driving a shift to renewable electricity;
  • develop low- and zero-carbon alternatives to traditional fuels, including biofuels, hydrogen, and other low- and zero-carbon gases;
  • work with our customers across different sectors to decarbonise their use of energy; and
  • address any remaining emissions from conventional fuels with solutions such as carbon capture and storage and carbon credits.

Because emissions resulting from customer use of our energy products make up most of the carbon emissions we report, we believe we can make the greatest contribution to the energy transition by increasing sales of low-carbon energy products and services.

Read more about sectoral decarbonisation at and in our 2022 Energy Transition Progress Report.