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Sectoral decarbonisation

Powering progress

Working with our customers and across sectors to accelerate the transition to net-zero emissions.

We are helping our customers to find ways to reduce their overall carbon footprint, including in sectors that are difficult to decarbonise such as aviation, shipping, road freight and industry. For example, we have an ambition to produce around 2 million tonnes of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) a year by 2025 and increase its share to at least 10% of our global aviation fuel sales by 2030.

To help accelerate the transition to net-zero emissions, we will build on existing relationships with other stakeholders, such as energy suppliers, policymakers, infrastructure owners and consumers to support a sector-based approach. Transforming energy demand is the focus of our decarbonisation strategy. We are working with customers sector-by-sector across the energy system and will change the mix of energy products we sell to meet their changing energy demands.

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Sustainable aviation fuel
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