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Engaging communities

We engage with communities because this is essential to understanding their priorities and concerns. We have a network of around 100 professionals with community engagement responsibilities who are the bridge between Shell and our local communities. Early in 2020, we launched a new global community feedback tool. This enables us to better track and respond to queries that we receive locally and provides insights at the global level.

Read more about our work with communities at

Feedback received

Community feedback

by type

36%25%17%12%10%abcdeRequestsComplaintsabQuestionscOtherPositive feedbackde

Complaints received globally [A]

by category

64%4%17%5.5%4%2.5%1%1%1%abcdefghiEnvironmentSocialabBusiness integrity, contractual and commercialcUncategoriseddSafetyeOtherHealthfgSecurityhUnrelated to Shelli
[A] Chart excludes clusters of complaints regarding earthquakes in the Netherlands, which are managed outside of Shell.

Environmental complaints

by sub-category

19%13%20%6%11%10%10%6%3%2%abcdefghijFlaringNoiseabOdourcAir qualitydEcosystem, habitat, biodiversityeSoil and water contaminationOtherfgDusthWater quantityiSpillsj

Social complaints

by sub-category

15%39%10%15%11%5%5%abcdefgLocal contentLand and resettlementabLabourcOtherdSocial investmentEngagementefImpactg