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Sustainability governance

We have clear and effective governance structures throughout Shell, along with performance standards and other controls. These include the Shell General Business Principles, our Code of Conduct, and our Health, Safety, Security, Environment and Social Performance (HSSE & SP) Control Framework. They influence the decisions made and actions taken across Shell.

The Safety, Environment and Sustainability Committee (SESCo) is one of four standing committees of the Board of Directors of Shell plc. The overall role of SESCo is to review the practices and performance of Shell, primarily with respect to safety, environment including climate change, and sustainability.

In February 2022, Shell announced the new role of Strategy, Sustainability and Corporate Relations Director. The new director is a member of Shell’s Executive Committee.

Read more about SESCo and how Shell manages sustainability at and in our Annual Report.

health, safety, security, environment and social performance
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Safety, Environment and Sustainability Committee
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