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Process safety

In line with industry standards, we measure and report process safety incidents according to significance, with Tier 1 as the most significant category.

Tier 1+2 operational process safety events [A]

* excluding sabotage

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[A] Process safety events are classified according to guidance from the IOGP and API. In 2021, there were seven Tier 1 sabotage-related events. The classification of sabotage-related process safety events is made on the best-endeavours basis.

The number of Tier 1 and 2 operational process safety events stagnated at 102 in 2021, compared with 103 in 2020. Of these, 38 were Tier 1 and 64 were Tier 2 events in 2021. For comparison, there were 34 Tier 1 and 69 Tier 2 operational process safety events in 2020.

Process safety events related to sabotage and theft in Nigeria are recorded separately. In Nigeria, there were seven Tier 1 events in 2021, compared with one in 2020.

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