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Supply chain

Powering progress

Supply chain: We will include requirements in our purchasing policies to reflect our environmental framework, and take the energy efficiency, material efficiency and sustainability of products into consideration in our purchases.

Shell aims to work with suppliers, including contractors, that behave in an economically, environmentally and socially responsible manner, as set out in our Shell General Business Principles and Shell Supplier Principles. In 2021, Shell spent around $37.5 billion on goods and services from around 24,000 suppliers globally.

We continually work with our suppliers to find ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions across our supply chains. In 2021, we rolled out a new digital platform, Shell Supplier Energy Transition Hub, free of charge to our supply chain and any other interested company. The platform enables them to set emission ambitions and track performance, share best practice and exchange emissions data with their own supply chains. By the end of 2021, 258 of our suppliers had joined the platform, 103 of which have already set emission reduction targets.

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