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Our approach to powering lives

Every year, we spend tens of billions of dollars on goods and services in the communities where we operate. Our activities also generate revenues for governments through the taxes and royalties we pay and the sales taxes we collect on their behalf. This helps fund health care, education, transport and other essential services.

We try to make a positive difference to countries and communities by providing training and skills. This supports local economic development and livelihoods. And we strengthen local economies by promoting entrepreneurship, innovation and meaningful employment through programmes including Shell LiveWIRE, our enterprise development programme.

The supply of affordable, reliable and sustainable energy is also crucial for addressing global challenges, including those related to poverty and inequality. That is why we are working to provide more energy to those who do not have it today. 

Our operations support countries and communities. We employ people in more than 70 countries, providing income and other benefits such as health care and pensions.

Royalties are generally payment due for the use of an asset. Mineral royalties are payments to governments or other owners for the rights to extract oil and gas resources, typically at a set percentage of revenue less any deductions that may be taken. See also Trademark royalties.
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