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Main Business Activities

  • Upstream and Integrated Gas

Shell has been active in Tanzania since 2011. Shell Exploration and Production Tanzania Ltd. (SEPTL) is a company incorporated in the UK with a branch registered in Tanzania. The principal activity of SEPTL is the exploration and development of gas in Tanzania (based on natural gas reserves in the Tanzania offshore area). SEPTL is the operator of two offshore blocks, in which it currently has a 60% interest.

Shell Deepwater Tanzania B.V. is a company incorporated in the Netherlands with a branch registered in Tanzania (SDT-Tanzania) and a branch registered in Zanzibar (SDT-Zanzibar).

SDT-Tanzania started its exploration operations in 2011 in conjunction with its joint venture partner. SDT-Tanzania does not hold a current licence in any block.

SDT-Zanzibar started its exploration activities in 2013, but with very limited operations taking place in 2018.

Country Financial Analysis

In view of the overall losses in the country, no corporate income taxes were paid.

Our Payments to Governments Report for 2018 shows that Shell also paid $727,600 in fees.