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Shell has been present in Kazakhstan since 1993. We have interests in the Karachaganak and Kashagan projects (Shell interest 29.25% and 16.81% respectively) which generate revenues from oil and gas sales, and in the Pearls project (Shell interest 55%) which is in the exploration phase. Shell has decided not to progress the Pearls project. We also have a minority interest in the Caspian Pipeline Consortium, which allows for the transport of Caspian oil to the coast of the Black Sea.

Country Financial Analysis

The Kashagan project began production in November 2016 and started to generate revenues, but reported a taxable loss during 2016-2018.

The tax paid amount in 2018 primarily relates to profits generated from the Karachaganak project which are also disclosed in our Payments to Governments Report for the same year. Additional taxes were also paid on income from ancillary services provided which are not required to be reported in the Payments to Governments Report. They are included in the table above.