34 Employees

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Main Business Activities

  • Trading and Supply

Shell has had a presence in the Bahamas since 2002, following its acquisition of Enterprise Oil. The acquired entity, now called Shell E&P Ireland Offshore Inc. that held upstream investments, is dormant and designated for liquidation.

In September 2018, Shell Western Supply and Trading Ltd. was transferred from Barbados to the Bahamas, including 34 employees. Shell Western Supply and Trading Ltd. is a crude oil trading business, serving West African and Latin American markets. After the expansion of our customer footprint following the global acquisition of BG Group, we wanted to enable staff to meet with customers more frequently. The location of the Bahamas allowed our staff to do this and also retained our regional presence without increased tax costs. 

Country Financial Analysis

The profits reported by Shell Western Supply and Trading Ltd. reflect the economic activities there. The Bahamas do not impose corporate income tax on companies operating in the country and so Shell Western Supply and Trading Ltd. pays no tax. While companies are not subject to direct taxes, they are subject to indirect taxes and fees, including business licence fees. The Bahamas are recognised by the OECD as having high levels of tax transparency and other international information exchange standards.