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Shell has been present in the Netherlands for more than 100 years. All Shell's activities are represented in the Netherlands, and Shell’s global headquarters are in The Hague.

Shell’s activities include a refinery in Pernis, a chemical complex in Moerdijk, a technology centre in Amsterdam, and retail sites across the country. Shell is also involved in the development of solar power and offshore wind farms.

Shell produces gas and oil through its 50% interest in Nederlandse Aardolie Maatschappij BV (NAM). In the table above, the Shell share of NAM is included in related-party revenues, profit before tax and accumulated earnings.

Shell’s global Upstream, Integrated Gas and New Energies, and Projects & Technology businesses are all based in the Netherlands. Many support services are also performed at Shell’s headquarters, including holding and treasury activities.

Country Financial Analysis

In 2018, Shell realised a profit before tax of around $0.5 billion in the Netherlands. The taxable profit is slightly higher.

The profit before tax in the table contains an additional $3.2 billion. This includes the share of profit or loss from joint ventures and associates held by Shell in the Netherlands but with activities abroad. These profits are subject to tax in countries where those joint ventures and associates are located.

The tax paid of $174 million and the tax accrued of $197 million relate mainly to withholding taxes. These are taxes incurred on dividends, interest and service fees received by Shell companies in the Netherlands. These taxes are paid to foreign governments.

No corporate income tax was paid as the $0.5 billion taxable profit was offset with losses from previous years. Shell paid around $0.5 billion of corporate income tax and royalties through its participation in NAM.