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In early 2016, following implementation day of the Iran nuclear deal, Shell explored how to progress business opportunities in the energy sector with the Iranian government. However, following geopolitical developments in 2018, Shell suspended its Iran-related activities until further notice.

Country Financial Analysis

The loss of $10.6 million in 2018 mainly relates to a bad debt provision ($10.5 million) and other expenses.

The activities listed above have been conducted outside the USA by non-US affiliates of Royal Dutch Shell plc. None of the payments disclosed were made in US dollars, nor are any of the balances disclosed below held in US dollars. However, for disclosure purposes, all have been converted into US dollars at the appropriate exchange rate.

For more details, refer to the Section 13(R) of the US Securities Exchange Act of 1934 and the Shell Annual Report and Form 20-F for 2018 (p. 262).