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Main Business Activities

  • Upstream and Integrated Gas

Shell has two entities with activities in Jordan: Jordan Oil Shale Company B.V. (JOSCo), incorporated in the Netherlands, and Shell Business Development Middle East Ltd. (SBDME), incorporated in the UK.

SBDME was established to provide technical and management services to projects and businesses in Jordan, mainly to exploration and production businesses.

JOSCo has an oil shale concession agreement (OSCA) with the government of Jordan and the Natural Resources Authority, which gives it exclusive rights to explore for, assess and develop oil shale, and to produce and sell products derived from the oil shale.

An OSCA is an agreement that makes provision for minimum expenditure commitments towards the sustainable development of Jordan as well as bonus, tax and royalty payments.

Country Financial Analysis

Prior to production, no corporate income tax is due as no profits have been realised. Taxes and other payments to government are applicable when production starts.