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Shell has had a presence in Barbados since 1982, when a trading entity, Shell Western Supply and Trading Ltd., was set up to manage crude oil trading and shipping in the region. In September 2018, Shell Western Supply and Trading Ltd. was transferred to the Bahamas, including 34 employees. The company wanted to maintain a regional presence without increased tax costs. See Bahamas for more details.

As part of an acquisition from Repsol in 2013, Shell acquired an entity, Shell Trinidad and Tobago Resources SRL, which holds investments in LNG companies in Trinidad and Tobago. See Trinidad and Tobago for more details.

Country Financial Analysis

Shell in Barbados incurred a loss mainly due to costs associated with its investment in LNG activities in Trinidad and Tobago. As the trading business moved during the year, no employees are recorded in Barbados as at the end of the year.