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Main Business Activities

  • Upstream and Integrated Gas

Shell has been present in Norway since 1912. The main activity of A/S Norske Shell is the exploration and production of oil and gas on the Norwegian continental shelf. The company is a partner in 32 production licences and operates 13 of them. There are three Shell-operated fields which are producing: Ormen Lange (Shell interest 17.8%), Knarr (Shell interest 45%) and Gaupe (Shell interest 60%). The company also has interests in the producing fields Troll (Shell interest 8.1%), Kvitebjørn (Shell interest 6.45%), Sindre (Shell interest 3.22%) and Valemon (Shell interest 3.22%), which are operated by partners.

In 2018, A/S Norske Shell divested its interest in the Draugen asset (44.56%) and its share in the non-operated Gjøa field (12%).

Country Financial Analysis

In addition to the taxes paid in the table above, our Payments to Governments Report for 2018 also shows that Shell paid around $3.2 billion in production entitlements and fees.