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Contribution to society

We work to improve people’s lives through our products and activities, and by contributing to local communities and championing inclusion.

Shell’s businesses are part of society and contribute to it by buying and selling goods and services in many countries. Our employees, suppliers and contractors are part of the local communities where Shell operates. Our activities also generate revenues for governments through the taxes and royalties we pay and the sales taxes we collect on their behalf. This helps governments fund health care, education, transport and other essential services.

In 2022, Shell paid $68.2 billion to governments (2021: $58.7 billion). We paid $13.4 billion in corporate income taxes and $8.2 billion in government royalties, and collected $46.6 billion in excise duties, sales taxes and similar levies on our fuel and other products on behalf of governments. In 2022, Shell spent $41.5 billion (2021: $37.5 billion) on goods and services from about 24,000 suppliers globally.