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Our operations expose us to criminality, civil unrest, activism, terrorism, cyber-disruption and acts of war that could have a material adverse effect on our business (see “Risk factors”). We seek to obtain the best possible information to enable us to assess threats and risks. To help us understand the threats, we build strong and open relationships with government, law enforcement, armed forces, industry peers and specialist security information providers. On the basis of these threat assessments, we identify security risks to staff, assets including information technology equipment, and operations. We then seek to manage the risks so they are as low as reasonably practicable. Risk mitigation includes strengthening the security of sites, reducing our exposure to threats as appropriate, journey management, information risk management and cyber-defence operations, crisis management and business continuity measures. We conduct training and awareness campaigns for staff, and provide them with travel advice and access to 24/7 assistance while travelling. We consistently verify the identity of our employees and contract staff, we control physical access to our sites and activities, and we document access with digital tools.

We take steps to have clear and planned responses to security incidents, so that we are able to react quickly and effectively if they occur.

Shell is a member of the Voluntary Principles on Security and Human Rights initiative. This is a multi-stakeholder initiative of governments, extractive sector industries and NGOs that gives guidance on how to respect human rights while providing security for business operations. Shell implements this guidance across its companies, concentrating on countries where the risks of working with state and private security forces are greatest.

The Board’s Safety, Environment and Sustainability Committee (SESCo) has oversight of Shell’s security risk management activities. In the Executive Committee, accountability for security matters sits with the Chief Human Resources and Corporate Officer.