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Shell has had a presence in Barbados since 1982.

In 2017, Shell acquired Chevron Trinidad and Tobago Resources SRL (a Barbados-incorporated entity, renamed Shell Trinidad and Tobago Resources SRL) as part of an acquisition from Chevron. Shell Trinidad and Tobago Resources SRL holds investments in LNG operations in Trinidad and Tobago. See Trinidad and Tobago for more details.

Country Financial Analysis

The statutory corporate income tax rate in Barbados varies from 0% to 5%, depending on the type of business activity and level of income in the entity.

Profits of Shell Trinidad and Tobago Resources SRL from its operations in Trinidad and Tobago are not taxable in Barbados. The main revenues of Shell in Barbados were associated with holding investments in LNG activities in Trinidad and Tobago. Barbados does not tax dividends and therefore Shell did not pay corporate income tax in Barbados. Revenues decreased from the previous year because of consolidation to Saint Lucia of investments previously held under Barbados. 

Corporate income tax
This is a direct tax imposed on companies’ profits. It is sometimes levied at a national level but can also be levied on a state or local basis.
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