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3 Employees

  • Third-party revenues


  • Related-party revenues


  • Total revenues


  • Profit before tax


  • Tax paid


  • Tax accrued


  • Tangible assets


  • Stated capital


  • Accumulated earnings


Main Business Activities

  • Upstream and Integrated Gas

Shell has been active in Jordan since 2009.

Shell has two entities with activities in Jordan: Jordan Oil Shale Company B.V. (JOSCo), incorporated in the Netherlands, and Shell Business Development Middle East Limited (SBDME), incorporated in the UK.

SBDME was established to provide technical and management services to projects and businesses in Jordan, mainly to exploration and production businesses.

In May 2009, JOSCo was awarded the oil shale concession by the government of Jordan and the Natural Resources Authority, which gives it exclusive rights to explore for, assess and develop oil shale, as well as produce and sell products derived from the oil shale. In 2020, JOSCo communicated its decision to withdraw from the oil shale concession and to end the concession agreement.

Country Financial Analysis

The statutory corporate income tax rate in Jordan varies from 20% to 35%, depending on the business activities from which the taxpayer generates income.

JOSCo is subject to petroleum taxes calculated on cumulative revenues and costs. As production has not yet commenced, petroleum taxes are not applicable.

Corporate income tax
This is a direct tax imposed on companies’ profits. It is sometimes levied at a national level but can also be levied on a state or local basis.
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