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11 Employees

  • Third-party revenues


  • Related-party revenues


  • Total revenues


  • Profit before tax


  • Tax paid


  • Tax accrued


  • Tangible assets


  • Stated capital


  • Accumulated earnings


Main Business Activities

  • Upstream and Integrated Gas
  • Other support activities

Shell has been active in Colombia since 1956. Today, Shell’s upstream activities include six deep-water blocks (five active blocks and one block in liquidation).

Shell is in the process of liquidating its trading and downstream businesses in Colombia which ceased operations in March 2018 and December 2019 respectively.

Country Financial Analysis

The statutory corporate income tax rate in Colombia was 32% for 2020.

We are investing in our upstream business in Colombia and therefore incurring costs. As a result, we have reported a loss and no corporate income tax is owed.

Corporate income tax
This is a direct tax imposed on companies’ profits. It is sometimes levied at a national level but can also be levied on a state or local basis.
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