Our businesses and organisation

Integrated Gas

Our Integrated Gas business manages activities related to the global liquefied natural gas (LNG) and gas to liquids (GTL) businesses as well as our new energies portfolio. Integrated Gas includes natural gas exploration and extraction when contractually linked to the cooling and transportation of as well as the operation of the upstream and midstream infrastructure necessary to deliver gas to market. It converts natural gas into liquids to provide fuels and other products, and it markets and trades crude oil, natural gas, LNG and electricity. It also markets and sells LNG as a fuel for heavy-duty vehicles and marine vessels.


Our Upstream business explores for and extracts crude oil, natural gas and natural gas liquids. The business also markets and transports oil and gas, and operates the infrastructure necessary to deliver oil and gas to market.


Our Downstream business is made up of a number of different Oil Products and Chemicals business activities, part of an integrated value chain, that collectively turn crude oil into a range of refined products which are moved and marketed around the world for domestic, industrial and transport use. The products we sell include gasoline, diesel, heating oil, aviation fuel, marine fuel, lubricants, bitumen and sulphur. In addition, we produce and sell petrochemicals for industrial use worldwide.

Our Downstream business also manages our oil sands mining operations, which extract bitumen from mined oil sands for conversion into synthetic crude oil.

Projects & Technology

Our Projects & Technology organisation manages the delivery of our major projects and drives research and innovation to develop new technology solutions. It provides technical services and technology capability for our Integrated Gas, Upstream and Downstream activities. It is also responsible for providing functional leadership across Shell in the areas of safety and environment, contracting and procurement, wells activities and carbon dioxide (CO2) management.

Segmental reporting

Our reporting segments are Integrated Gas, Upstream, Downstream and Corporate. Upstream combines the operating segments Upstream and oil sands mining which have similar economic characteristics. Integrated Gas, Upstream and Downstream include their respective elements of our Projects & Technology organisations. The Corporate segment comprises our holdings and treasury organisation, as well as our headquarters and central functions.

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