North America and South America


We sold our 49% interest in Elba Liquefaction Company, LLC, the owner of the Elba Liquefaction Project to Kinder Morgan Inc. resulting in Kinder Morgan owning 100% of the Elba Liquefaction Company, LLC. We retain the rights to 100% of the liquefaction capacity through a tolling arrangement, once construction has been completed. Elba Island also has an existing regasification terminal where Shell has contracted firm capacity. Shell’s current contracted capacity is 11.6 .

Trinidad and Tobago

We held an interest in the Atlantic plant in Trinidad and Tobago, as a result of our acquisition of LNG assets from Repsol in 2014. As a result of the acquisition, we are now the largest shareholder in all four trains at Atlantic LNG and have gained an upstream position in the country.

We have an interest in three concessions with producing fields – Central Block (Shell interest 65%), East Coast Marine Area (ECMA, Shell interest 50%) and North Coast Marine Area (NCMA, Shell interest 45.88%).

We also have an interest in exploration activities in Blocks 5(c), 5(d), 6(d), and Atlantic Area Blocks 3, 5, 6 and 7, with Shell interests ranging from 35% to 100%.


We are the 100% operator of the La Vertiente, Los Suris and Tarija XX East blocks and the La Vertiente gas processing plant. We operate the La Vertiente Block which gathers natural gas from six different fields into a single processing plant and has participating interests in the Caipipendi and Tarija XX West Blocks.

We are a consortium member of the Caipipendi (Shell interest 37.5%) and Tarija XX West (Shell interest 25%) blocks. We mainly produce from the Margarita Field in the Caipipendi concession, with additional volumes produced from Itaú gas condensate field (Tarija XX West concession).

Rest of North America and South America

We have an interest in an LNG production plant in Peru. We also have an 18% interest in Brazil’s Companhia de Gas de São Paulo (Comgás), a natural gas distribution company in the state of São Paulo.

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