Bonga floating facility off the coast of Nigeria (photo)


Our Upstream businesses explore for and extract crude oil and natural gas, often in joint arrangements with international and national oil and gas companies. We also market and trade crude oil and natural gas in support of our Upstream businesses.

Oil and gas rig (icon)Oil and gas rig (icon)

Conventional oil and gas
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Oil sands truck (icon)Oil sands truck (icon)

Oil sands mining
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Deep-water drilling rig (icon)Deep-water drilling rig (icon)

Deep water
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On-shore drilling rig (icon)On-shore drilling rig (icon)

Future opportunity

Photo: The Bonga floating production, storage and offloading facility off the coast of Nigeria.

2,323 kboed

Oil and gas production in 2015

3 key projects

Announced first production in 2015

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