In late 2015, we gained access to import and storage capacity at the Gas Access to Europe (GATE) terminal in the Netherlands, allowing the company to supply LNG to marine and road transport customers in northwest Europe. We are also using the terminal to supply LNG to our growing truck-refuelling network in the Netherlands.


Shell subsidiary Gasnor is Norway’s leading downstream natural gas company, providing LNG fuel for ships and industrial customers. It has an extensive pipeline network, some compressed natural gas (CNG) distribution and LNG distribution from three separate production plants. Gasnor owns 16 LNG trailers, 22 LNG terminals and has two LNG vessels at its disposal. Since 2004, Shell has been one of the owners of Gasnor and in 2012 Shell became the 100% owner.


We have a 50% interest in the Dragon LNG regasification terminal in the UK, with 20-year arrangements in place governing the use of capacity rights.

liquefied natural gas
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