Technology solutions and deployment

Potential energy projects can involve oil and gas fields, transnational pipelines, crude-oil refineries, natural-gas liquefaction trains or petrochemical plants. Teams of scientists and engineers must identify ways in which the project can be feasibly turned into reality and then select the best option for a positive final investment decision. has the in-house expertise to do this in collaboration with Shell’s businesses, often relying on the application of innovative technology delivered by P&T’s programme.

Our innovation is tempered with practicality, where if an existing technology or engineering process works well, then standardisation and replication may be the better option. Wherever appropriate, front-end engineering is done by an in-house design team using a tried-and-tested design. Major items are procured and installed through global framework agreements with contractors.

P&T’s scientists and engineers also apply their expertise to formulate Shell’s fuels, lubricants and other end products, and to come up with proprietary processes for manufacturing derivative chemicals. In addition, P&T supplies catalysts, licenses technology and provides technical consultancy services to non-Shell parties.

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